1962 Maserati 3500 GT I

3500 GT I
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Reggio Emilia


Unveiled at the Geneva motor show in the spring of 1957, this was the road-going version of the 350 S with a tubular chassis with lengthened wheelbase, independent suspension and 3.5 L long-stroke DOHC 6-cylinder engine generating 220 hp for a maximum speed of 220 Km/h (136 mph)
The example presented in Geneva was built by Carrozzeria Touring with the classic technology known as “Superleggera”.
The vehicle immediately met with praise for its balanced lines, thanks to its clean, smooth sides, thin pillars and discreet chrome plating.
The large oval front grille featured the trident symbol in the middle
The interior was richly accessorised, with luxurious trim and great comfort.

The white paintwork and sinuous lines of the first example put on display earned it the nickname of “Dama Bianca” (white lady), the same term used for the woman cyclist Fausto Coppi was having a scandalous affair with at the time.

The example made by Touring was chosen ahead of two prototypes created by Allemano and Zagato, the latter of which was considered too sporty
Mass production of the Maserati 3500 GT Touring began in late 1957, with few changes made to the vehicle over the following years.
The mechanical side, on the other hand, was constantly updated, with the adoption of a self-locking differential, disc brakes, five-speed gearbox, and in 1961 the version with Lucas fuel injection, the 3500 GTi
This drive towards constant improvements in quality was part of the philosophy of automotive engineer Giulio Alfieri, and was a major reason behind the success of the 3500 GT, which not by chance sold in previously unheard of numbers.

Maserati's recovery from its financial problems and subsequent vigorous growth was above all thanks to the success of this wonderful model

In total around 2250 were sold, 1402 of them Touring coupés