1962 JAGUAR MK2 3.8

MK2 3.8
Displacement (cc)
Manufacturing Year
Mileage (Km)
Body Style
External color
Internal color
Red Leather
Manual 4 Speed
sold on 18.02.2021

Chassis Number 219051
Max Power: 220 HP/Kw 162
Max Speed: 203 Kph
State of art: restored
Certificate and Statements: ASI Gold Plate n. 8143
Fully documented restoration
Perfect condition

The History
The MK2, also known as the Mark II, is a luxury car produced by Jaguar from 1959 to 1967 exclusively in a sedan version. The MK2 succeeded the 2.4-litre and 3.4-litre, produced from 1957 to 1959.
The MK2 was a fast, spacious and pleasant-line car defined by Sir William Lyons, founder of Jaguar "grace, peace and space", where pace was defined as brilliance.
It was offered in three different engines per displacement. The smaller engine had a displacement of 2,483 cm³ (2.4 L) and delivered 120 hp of power, the average of 3,442 cm³ (3.4 L, 210 hp) and the most powerful of 3,781 cm³ (3.8 L, 220 hp) the same used on the E-Type, but with some diversity, not least a much lower power.
The 3.8-liter version with 4-speed manual transmission with overdrive, mounts  the self-locking differential as standard. Disc brakes on 4 wheels. Connolly leather interior and dashboard and doorgear luxurious. The MK2, with an engine of 3.8, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds and touches a top speed of 201 km/h. This car was an incredible commercial success for Jaguar, also for the winning move to keep the price of the base version very low. It is said that the London ring road, inhabited by the wealthy bourgeoisie of the English capital, was nicknamed the 'Jag Belt' for the large number of Jaguars that could be encountered on this important artery. A curiosity: thanks to the high performance of the three thousand versions, this Jaguar, became the favorite of the English mala, although soon, to counter this phenomenon, the MK II also came into force with the British police.
The deterrent power of these Jaguars was such that in pursuits, as soon as the criminals saw the MKII appear in the rearview mirror, they spontaneously slowed down with no chance of escape.
30,141 Jaguar MKII 3.8 were made.

Our MK II 3.8

Car in perfect condition, completely restored in the exteriors and interiors
This beautiful car from 1962 is in impeccable white paint and interiors restored to new cartier red leather. The dashboard and doors, also covered in leather of the same color as the seats, are luxurious.
Excellent equipment, with cruise control, air conditioning and chrome-ray rims. Jaguar original three-spoke wooden steering wheel. All on-board instrumentation works perfectly. Mechanically, the car is impeccable thanks to the regular maintenance of its last owner who has made available all the documentation on the work carried out on the car in the last decade.
Below is a list of some works carried out in recent years with original Jaguar spare parts: new revision of the gearbox, with replacement of the gears of the gearbox and transmission.
Total refurbishment of the clutch.
Overdrive system overhaul, carburetor overhaul, replacement of power pipes and related belts, spark gap replacement, front bumper replacement, glass lava pump replacement, oil and candle replacement.
Thanks to the beautiful restoration carried out recently, this MKII represents today a model still much desired by fans of the Coventry brand, looking for a high-end British sedan and with a strong propensity to consolidate its listing over the next few years.
Today it is possible to view the car online, booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.

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