1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS Sprint Speciale

Alfa Romeo
Giulietta SS Sprint Speciale
Displacement (cc)
rok výroby
Mileage (Km)
External color
Internal color
Bianco - moquette Blu
Reggio Emilia


Matching numbers and matching colours.

Very rare example in perfect condition, still with its original black numberplates.
Only two owners from new, with the last owner purchasing it in 1964.
The vehicle underwent total restoration of the bodywork a few years ago, removing the old paintwork which had deteriorated over time and respraying it in its original white; the door and window seals were replaced, and the chrome plating and interior redone.

Like on all our vehicles, this Alfa Romeo SS has had the following work performed, after careful and scrupulous checks by our mechanics:
* A complete service was performed, with the oil changed, oil, fuel and air filters replaced, new spark plugs, coolant, brake fluid and differential oil changed.
* The carburettors were overhauled.
* The fuel lines were checked, cleaned and replaced where necessary.
* Fuel tank and starter motor overhaul.
* Brake system and suspension check.
* Timing belt changed.
* Fuel pump changed.
* Coolant pump changed.
* Radiator overhaul.
* Battery changed.
All vehicle components are in perfect working order, including the clutch and transmission.

Designed in 1957 to meet the needs of a more sporting clientele, looking for a higher performing version of the Giulietta suited for competitions. The car produced was more powerful than the “normal” Sprint, with a top speed of 200 Km/h. In 1963 came the Giulia SS, which compared to the Giulietta SS 1300 had an increased displacement of 1600 cc, more powerful braking system and enhanced interiors, with leather inserts and details.