1971 Ducati Scrambler 350

Scrambler 350
Engine Size
Well maintained
Number plate
Original paperwork
FMI “Targa oro” plaque
£ 8,684

In the late 60s, Italian motorcyclists envisioned a new way to express their freedom.
Cult movies like "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando or "Easy Rider" with Robert Fonda and Dennis Hopper influenced the new rebel generations with revolutionary feelings, like those expressed by the new hippie culture.
The fashion of this new American flow was actualized by the first Ducati Scrambler, designed and built on precise indications of the powerful US importer of Ducati, which commissioned it in large numbers to the head office of Borgo Panigale.
The First Street 250 named "Scrambler" was subsequently joined in 1968 by the most powerful 350cc and 450cc versions.
Ducati Scramblers were not made for long highway runs, both for their vibrations and for the reduced fuel autonomy.
The "drop" tank was destined to enter the history of industrial design, but the price to pay wer the frequent stops for refueling.
The high volume engine exalted the character of this bike mostly in its 450cc version: powerful at low regimes with an impressive acceleration, not lower than the big foreign two-cylinders of that period,
In addition to the US, however, the Ducati Scrambler gained an exceptional success even in Europe, thanks to its nonconformist aesthetic.
Between 1968 and 1976, the last year of production, Ducati produced about 50,000 Scramblers in the three engines, an amount that justified the "phenomenon" definition.
The Ducati Scrambler 350 is for sale in Ruote da Sogno’ showroom in Reggio Emilia.

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