1971 Lancia Fulvia HF 1600 Fanalino

Fulvia HF 1600 Fanalino
Engine Size
Odometer (km)
Body Style
Body colour
Red (Rosso Corsa)
Interior colour
Manual 5 Speed
sold on 15/04/2021

Engine No. 2264676
Chassis No. 002864
Displacement 1584 cc
Power 115 CV
Acceleration 0-100 kph 8,9 sec
Sparco Rollcage with Certificate of Conformity
FIA, CSAI Technical Passport
FIVA ID Card No. 013814
Matching Chassis and Engine Numbers

The History
The Fulvia Coupé was born in the first half of the 1960s by Piero Castagnero's design. The head of the Lancia Style Center is inspired by the shapes of Riva speedboats, designing an elegant 2-seater sports sedan plus 2, with a bright cockpit, characterized by large windows and windshield and rear window much more inclined than the sedan version.
The first Fulvia Coupé mounts a 4-cylinder 1216 cm3 of 80 horsepower, which soon increases in displacement to 1.3 and then to 1.6 liters. The elegance and class that distinguish this model do not prevent the "Lancia HF Racing Team" from using it in competitions, especially in rallly.
It is Cesare Fiorio itself, pilot and son of the then director of communication Lancia, who animates the Racing Team. As sporting director of the team, in the following years he became the architect of the great successes of Lancia, Fiat and Abarth in the Rally and Endurance Championships and at the end of the 80s he took the helm of the Ferrari F1 team.
From the Fulvia Coupé are born the HF versions, intended for racing: more essential cars in the finishes, without bumpers, equipped with aluminum doors and bonnets and enhanced engines.
The first HF was born with a 1216 cm³ engine capable of 88 horsepower, mated with a 4 speed gearbox and made only in 435 units between ’66 and ’67. Then the 1.3 HF followed, with larger fenders and 101 HP, made only in 882 units between ’68 and ’69. In 1969 at last the 1.6 HF wellknown as "Fanalone" (or "Fanalona") for the unique huge front headlights: this version was capable of 115 horsepower (130 in the 1016 version) made in 1258 units, plus 20 more for the racing department.
The Fulvia Coupé 1600 HF second series, made without any more aluminum parts and mostly in the "Lusso" version, will be in all 3,690, all produced between 1970 and 1973.

Our Lancia Fulvia HF 1600 “Fanalino”
Italian car with regular documents and matching chassis and engine number.
The is in good overall condition, after a complete restoration of the body and the engine.
The interior, with racing seats and Sabelt belt is in “ready-to-race” configuration.
Original wooden dashboard, with working instrumentation and Lancia "Sandro Munari" two-spoke racing steering wheel.
Doors and bonnets are well hinged with front bonnet lock, open and close with ease and without exerting strong pressure.
The gearbox is smooth and with precise gears.
Calandra, modanature, scritte e stemmi ben conservati.
Original rims and new tires.
Over the years, the car was transformed into a Gr.3 configuration to race in historic car rallies and “time-based” events.
The car has all the certificate and statement needed (CSAI Tech. Passport, FIA, FIVA ID Card)
A beautiful and iconic HF 1600 able to still give beautiful emotions to its future owner.

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